About Miracle Sanitation Supply

The history of our company started over 30 years ago as A. Miracle Sanitation Supply Co. Ltd. which sold sanitation supplies as well as serviced janitorial needs. The original owner later divided the company into two separate entities, a supply company and a janitorial company.

The new A. Miracle Sanitation Supply Co. Inc. originated in May, 2002 servicing the cleaning, sanitation supply and equipment needs for the commercial and industrial areas of Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

Miracle Sanitation Supply represents the top manufacturers for paper and dispensers, cleaning chemicals, matting, pads, cleaning equipment, gloves, food service items, garbage bags, cleaning accessories, and assorted air fresheners. We are always looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to our products and have many "green" options.

We expanded our facilities in 2008 moving to a larger location located on Hutchings Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. In September 2015 we moved again to a larger facility and we are now located at 925 Keewatin Street in Winnipeg.