Going Green

At Miracle Sanitation Supply we believe that Greencleaning is more than just products. You want a complete housekeeping program that improves the health and safety in your facility, and does not have a negative impact on our environment. We are committed to protecting our environment and the health and safety of your building occupants.

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Benefect Products - See our Restoration Page to read all about these all botanical products!

Green Floor Care

We carry an Enviro Chem green floor program that has the best of both worlds. It is safe for the environment and your facility, and has the performance and durability of a traditional floor care program. Start an Enviro Chem green floor program to reduce your strip cycles and keep a long lasting shine. All products are EcoLogo certified.

Enviro Chem Floor Stripper Enviro Chem Floor Finish

  • Highly concentrated and low foaming
  • Removes all types of finishes
  • No neutralizing needed
  • No metals, styrene
  • High gloss
  • Extreme durability
Wintrinz Enviro Chem Enhancer
  • Highly concentrated
  • Low foaming
  • Controls winter residues
  • Revolutionary technology
  • Cleans, conditions, restores
  • Highly concentrated
Green Housekeeping

Through our green housekeeping program, the Enviro Chem family offers biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive solutions for all of your housekeeping needs. They are designed to have less of an impact on worker health and building occupants than traditional cleaners.


Enviro Chem Low Foam All Purpose Cleaner

- Biobased

- Highly concentrated

- For use in autoscrubbers and floor cleaning


Enviro Chem Glass Cleaner

- Biobased

- Concentrated

- Leaves window and mirrors streak free


Enviro Chem Washroom Cleaner

- Biobased

- Concentrated

- Great for showers & fixtures

- No rinsing residue


Enviro Chem Liqui Bac

- Biologically based

- Odour neutralized

- Great for odours and grease trap maintenance


Enviro Chem Tough Job Cleaner

- Biobased

- Concentrated

- For heavy-duty cleaning and degreasing


Enviro Chem Hand Soap

- Biobased

- Thick lather

- Biodegradable

- Peach fragrance


Enviro Chem Neutral Disinfectant 

- Quat based - hospital grade

- Neutral pH, non-toxic

- 1:64 dilution


Proxi Concentrate

- Nature's Scrub Brush - use the power of hydrogen peroxide for multiple cleaning needs. Proxi multi surface cleaner is a concentrated hydrogen peroxide based cleaner for use on hard surfaces, mirrors, showers, floors and tile and grout. 


Morning Dew Hand Soap

- Neutral pH

- Lotionized

- Biodegradable

- Fruity fragrance


Live bacteria is good! Our Biologics product line contains non-pathogenic bacteria that attacks and digests soils. they work long after initial application, and are safe for the environment. Ideal for odour control, greases and hydrocarbon soils, biologics represent an alternative to traditional cleaning. EcoLogo certified.

DfE Tile & Grout Cleaner

- Grease and protein floor cleaner

- Biologically based

- No rinsing required

DfE Biozyme

- Hydorcarbon stain remover

- Concentrated

- Biological action decomposes petroleum


DfE B.L.O.C.

- Biologic liquid odour control

- Ideal for restrooms, dumpsters, and shower rooms

- Biological action digests odours

Certified Green Housekeeping Program

Source reduction is good for the environment, and it is good for your bottom line. Having the right dispensing system also helps improve worker safety by ensuring proper dilution ratios and preventing cross contamination of products. We carry Rochester Midland's Chemizer, Chemizer SNAP! (Wall mount or mobile), offer a wide variety of dispensing options for your green cleaning program.

ENVIRO CHEM - when compared to traditional products, is the safest way to clean every washable surface in your facility - floor to ceiling: carpets, resilient tile floors, stone and concrete surfaces, walls, wood, glass, washroom fixtures, upholstery and equipment. ENVIRO CHEM cleaners tackle even the toughest soils, leaving surfaces clean and fresh without harsh chemicals or hazardous materials.

ENVIRO CHEM products come in a wide variety of packaging to suit your needs, they are designed for use with a complete line of portion control and dispensing devices including the SNAP system. They contain no petrochemicals, alkalis, phosphates, harsh acids or butyl cellosolve. In addition they contain no heavy metals, no suspected carcinogens, and require no special respiratory protection. They are not explosive, combustible, flammable, corrosive, reactive or imcompatible with other chemicals. No special disposal procedures are required. All products are tested biodegradable.

ENVIRO CHEM Product Line Includes:

Air Freshener

- Ready to use

- No staining or residue

- Fresh apple fragrance

Glass Cleaner

- Non-solvent

- Dilutes 1:32

- Cleans any hard surface

- Quick wipe, streak free


All Purpose Low Foam Cleaner

- No fragrance or residue

- Highly concentrated (1:128+)

- Designed for automatics

- pH neutral

- Used on polished flooring


Hand Soap

- Ready to use, bulk fill

- Soft on skin

- Body shower also

- Viscous with thick lather

- no dye or fragrance version


Carpet/Upholstery Cleaner

- Actives include bacteria spores

- Cleans up to 80 hours after

- Use with institutional extraction

- Also for bonnet cleaning


Liqui Bac

- Bacteria spore based

- Super concentrated

- Grease traps/drains, water damage, organic soil and odour digester


Carpet Spot Lifter

- Ready to use, low foam

- No residue or re-soiling

- Extremely versatile


Neutral Disinfectant

- Hospital grade 'quat'

- Disinfects and cleans

- Low residue, cleans glass

- Neutral pH

- Anti-stat for damp dusting


- Permanent water based sealer

- Use on concrete and stone

- Dries quickly without fumes

- Covers 1000 sq ft/gallon

Floor Finish

- No metals, or styrene

- High gloss and buffability

- Exteme durability



- Highly concentrated

- Low foaming

- Removes all types of finishes

- No neutralizing needed


Sport Cote

- Requires 'seal' on new or sanded floors

- Very low odour

- Easy to apply, fast dry



- Revolutionary technology

- Cleans, conditions & restores

- Highly concentrated


Tough Job Cleaner

- Heavy duty cleaner/degreaser

- Safe on all metals

- Versatile

- Great carpet/upholstery pre-spray

- Excellent on smoke & soot


Washroom Fixture Cleaner

- For all washable washroom surfaces

- Wipe clean, no rinsing or residue

- Excellent stainless steel cleaner

- Fragranced and non-fragranced versions

Oxo-Degradable Garbage Bags

At Miracle Sanitation Supply, all of the garbage bags that we carry are Oxo-degradable. Check out the garbage bags here