Floor Care

Miracle Sanitation Supply provides leading solutions for proven performance and durablility floor care. We carry Betco's extensive floor care products which are second to none. This floor care innovation will reduce your labor costs, increase efficiency and optimize your floor care program to fit your maintenance needs. From finishes to strippers, maintainers to equipment and even green cleaning solutions, we have your answer.

We also carry the Buckeye line of floor products which are very popular. All Buckeye floor finishes and sealers are non-powdering, non-yellowing, self-leveling, and U.L. listed for slip resistance. Buckeye floor finishes are designed for superior performance and reduced stripping frequencies.

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Floor Finishes

Betco Express


This floor finish utilizes highly durable internally cross-linked polymers specially blended to minimize drying and cure times. Formulated with Max-Cure Technology, each coat of finish dries and can be recoated in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

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This brilliant, high gloss floor finish will give your floors an appearance that everyone will stop and admire! Setting the standard for today's modern floor coverings, this acrylic, thermo-plastic finish provides the optimum in durability and wear. Essentially a non-buff formula, it is easily maintained using a variety of maintenance procedures including spray buffand mop on restorers followed by high-speed burnishing.

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Hard As Nails


This floor finish utilizes highly durable internally cross-linked polymers blended to achieve a harder floor finish film.

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This optically energized floor finish is for those who want the highest gloss and wear with the least amount of labour. This 25% solids, metal cross-linked, polymer finish gives your floor a depth of gloss like you've never seen before. One coat does the job of two coats of an ordinary finish. This finish is detergent resistant, nonscuffing, durable and maintains it's high gloss without burnishing, a real labour saver.

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Green Earth Floor Finish


This product was developed using highly advanced polymer technology to provide a premium environmentally preferred floor finish. This high solids finish offers a clear, deep gloss and requires fewer coats to achieve the desired results.

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Buckeye Lucent Urethane Fortified Floor Finish


Lucent urethane fortified acrylic floor finish is designed for resilient and non-resilient floors. This product provides excellent gloss, resists scuffs and stains and reduces stripping frequencies.

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Buckeye Castleguard Metal Interlock


Castleguard provides superior "wet look" depth of gloss with unbelievable durability, unmatched response to burnishing and reduces stripping frequencies. No sealer is required.

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Buckeye Citation Sealer/Finish


Citation sealer/finish holds up under extreme conditions. This product resists scuffs, is low maintenance, no sealer is required and responds to any speed machine.

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Floor Sealers

Betstone Penetrating Sealer


This water based sealer deeply penetrates and saturates the pores of most hard surface stones for maximum protection.

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Floor Sealer


This acrylic sealer is designed as a basecoat to protect floors for years. hard, durable and detergent reistant, this sealer can be used on all types of resilient tile and terrazzo floors. It is alos compatible with all water-based finishes. This high gloss sealer will not yellow or powder. This sealer is perfect for providing worn and damaged floor tiles a smooth surface for floor finish application.

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Sure Cure


This water-based, urethane sealer/finish revolutionizes the way hard surface floors are sealed. It eliminates the fire hazards and excessive cost associated with conventional urethane sealers. It is nonflammable and requires no etching before application. The combination of urethane and three other polymers fortify this product to be exceptionally durable and abrasion resistant. It can be applied effortlessly over new and old concrete, slate, quarry, tile terrazzo and marble.

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Floor Strippers



This tried and proven formula quickly removes multiple layers of acrylic based floor finishes. Just apply and watch as the floor finish is quickly liquefied for easy removal by use of an auto scrubber or standard floor machine.

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Ax-It Plus


This fast-acting, floor finish liquefier will solve stripping difficulties caused by frequent high speed burnishing, super hard urethane fortified finishes, or excessive build-up. Utilizing "evaporating liquefier" technology, this product is designed to remove layers of floor finish in less time, with less effort, and no rinsing.

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This high power, high speed floor stripper was developed to penetrate and remove multiple coats of burnished floor finish with a minimum of labour. Utilizing the latest in technology, this powerful professional stripper actually "unlocks" the chemical bonds of acrylic and urethane fortified floor finishes, releasing them from the floor surface. This fast acting, labour saving product requires little if any scrubbing and greatly reduces the time it takes to strip a floor.

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Buckeye RipSaw Floor Stripper


RipSaw floor stripper contains ADI (Automatic Dilution Indicator). This product is fast acting, low odor, low foaming and compensates for poor rinsing. It liquefies heavily burnished finish and sealer and resists clogging of pads.

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Stone and Tile Floor Products

Green Earth Daily Floor Cleaner


Environmentally friendly preferable daily floor cleaner. Recommended for maintaining high gloss on finished floors.

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Green Earth Natural All Purpose Cleaner


This powerful all purpose cleaner is made with raw materials derived from natural sources. A synergistic blend of natural citrus, soy, pine and coconut, combined with state-of-the-art biodegradable surfactants, produce a formula that rivals traditional hard surface cleaners.

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Green Earth Natural Degreaser


This powerful degreaser is the environmentally preferred solution for all degreasing tasks. A synergistic blend of natural solvents with a unique surfactant system produces a formula that equals most traditional degreasers. This unique degreaser breaks down greases, oils, and fats on all water safe surfaces.

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Tile Clean


Fast-acting foam cleaner for all types of hard tile surfaces and grout, designed to be used with a variety of application procedures. this special blend of organic and phophoric acids effectively cleans body oils, soap scum and mineral deposits found in shower areas, restrooms, pools and spas. In food service areas, this formula is especially effective in removing heavy build-ups of kitchen grease. Restores quarry tile to its original porous condition and increases the slip-resistant qualities of the tile, an important feature for the safety minded customer.

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Floor Maintenance Products

Best Scrub


Best Scrub is specifically designed for the interim maintenance procedure of top scrubbing and recoating. When used as directed, Best Scrub effectively removes the top layers of soiled floor finish preparing the floor surface for recoating. Best Scrub's low foam, no rinse formula leaves a clean, film free surface, preparing it for the application of new layers of floor finish. This is the perfect product for any type of floor maintenance program to help extend the time between restorative stripping procedures. Best Scrub can also be used to remove the factory seal from newly installed VCT flooring.

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Betco One Step


Using this cleaner/restorer as a regular part of propane and other high speed floor maintenance programs will reduce labour and extend the life cycle of the floor. A one-step product, this formulation effectively cleans the floor while restoring the top layer of finish. This product can be mopped on or used through an automatic scrubber, than high-speed burnished restoring a beautiful shine.

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Daily Scrub SC


Designed for floors which are frequently burnished, this product will quickly and completely remove deeply embedded soils.

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Straight-Up pH Neutral Cleaner


Buckeye Straight-Up is a true pH neutral cleaner. When added to water Straight-Up automatically adjusts the solution to neutral, regardless of the water source's pH. Straight-Up also has an excellent detergent system, providing tough cleaning power not found in competetive pH neutral products. This neutral cleaning action makes Straight-Up ideal for both floor care maintenance and general cleaning assignments.

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Buckeye Crossbow


Crossbow is a pH neutral, no-foam cleaner. Regardless of the pH of your water, Crossbow remains pH neutral in concentrate and when diluted. This means Crossbow works on all types of floors, finished or unfinished, and keeps your floors exceptionally clean. Crossbow is also foam-free, so it won't create foam that could shut down your automatic scrubber or vacuum motor.

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