Hand Cleaners

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General Purpose

Whether your business is foodservice, industrial, healthcare or general insitutional, Miracle Sanitation Supply can supply you with the broadest range of handsoaps and sanitizers in a variety of packaging and dispensing systems. For the most effective general purpose cleaning, Miracle Sanitation Supply has your solution.

Lotion Velvet

KUT2609 - Pour top gallon, 4/case

Our most economical lotion soap, with mild but effective cleaning. The thick, rich texture is high sudsing and leaves your skin with a great after feel. Pink opaque appearance and almond scent.


Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner

KUT5665 - Bag-in-Box, 800ml, 12/case

Top selling general purpose bag-in-box pink lotion soap. Opaque pink formula is easy to see through despenser view window. Provides instatn sudsing and fresh clean fragrance. Formulated for medium to heavy soil removal.


EZ Foam Counter Mount System

KUT64331 - EZ Foam Luxury Soap - 1000ml, 4/case

KUT9930BLK - EZ Foam Counter Mount Dispenser black

KUT9931IVO - EZ Foam Counter Mount Dispenser in ivory

Refills from above the counter, no messy pumps and no need to crawl on the floor, you can top off the soap any time. The soap is a creamy moisture wash formula containing emolients to help soothe and protect skin, and Humectants to help maintian skin's natural moisture.


EZ Hand Hygiene Foam & Liquid

KUT64341 - EZ Hand Hygiene foam - 1000ml, 6/case

KUT69041 - EZ Hand Hygiene liquid - 1000ml, 6/case

KUT9941GRA - EZ Hand Hygiene wall mount dispenser gray

KUT9942BLK - EZ Hand Hygiene wall mount dispenser black

KUT9981GRA - No touch dispenser gray

This system accommodates foaming soaps and liquid lotionized soap. Guaranteed leak proof, economical to use and large view window. Has a secured keyed locking option.


Clean Shape

KUT69078 - Clean Shape liquid, 1000ml, 8/case

KUT99907ZPL - Clean Shape wall bracket

Available in traditional liquid soap, plus three foaming varieties, the Clean Shape disposable dispensing system is the perfect option for any operation. The unique design, pearlized finish and attractive labeling complement any decor.



Antibacterial Hand Soap

Our most popular antibacterial product formulated with .3% Triclosan to be effective against VRE, MRSA, salmonella, and other microorganisms. Lathers up quickly, moisturizes and deodorizes. Transparent amber appearance with citrus spice fragrance.

KUT5065 - Bag-in-Box - 800ml, 12/case


JOB Antiseptic Lotion Skin Cleaner and Lotion Soap

Natural white antiseptic soap with .1% PCMX to help kill germs. Rinses away easily and offers rich emollients to prevent drying. Gentle to skin and economical to use, with a pleasant floral fragrance.

KUT2509 - Pour top gallon - 4/case


Foaming Anitbacterial Hand Soap

0.5% Triclosan formula that produces a luxurious foam that kills germs, leaves hands feeling clean and smelling fresh and won't over-dry skin. Contains Aloe and Vitamin E. Transparent amber color and citrus-spice fragrance.

KUT68941 - EZ Hand Hygiene - 1000ml, 6/case



Hand Sanitizers

Santi-Gel Hand Sanitizer

No water needed when using this crystal clear, ethyl alcohol based gel. Kills 99.9% of eight important organisms in 15 seconds or less including MRSA, VRE and E-coli. The thick formula won't run off hands and doesn't over-dry skin. No dye or fragrance. Great for hand cleaning when soap and water is not available.

KUT5666 - Bag-in-Box - 800ml, 12/case

KUT5607 - Flat top gallon - 4/case

KUT5635 - Squeeze Bottle - 4oz., 24/case

KUT5619 - Pump Bottle - 8oz., 12/case



Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer - NO ALCOHOL

No water needed.0.2% Benzethonium Chloride (Quat based) eliminates 99.9% of many important organisms. Non-flammable and dye free, with a light linen gragrance. Ideal where a Non-Alcohol product is desired.

KUT68241 - EZ Hand Hygiene - 1000ml, 6/case

KUT68278 - Clean Shape - 950ml, 8/case


Heavy Duty


Lotionized formula with plastic scrubbers. Contains the citrus-base solvent d'limonene to aggressively remove tough soils. May be used without water. Opaque orange color and citrus fragrance.

KUT5771 - Pumptainer - 15 fl. oz., 12/case


Orange Scrub

Super-duty natural citrus-based cleaner with pumice and extra d'limonene to clean all types of soils including ink, paint, and tar. Petroleum free and can be used without water. Opaque orange appearance with citrus fragrance.

KUT4902 - Pump gallon - 4/case



Super-duty mineral solvent and pumice-based formula with mineral oil, Aloe, and Vitamin E. cleans tough soil without over-drying skin. Can be used without water. Opaque green with lemon-lime scent.

KUT1602 - Pump gallon - 4/case


#140 Without Pumice

Traditional waterless paste formula without pumice. Formulated with low-odor solvents, may be used without water. White opaque with lemony fragrance.

KUT6115 - Paste dispenser - 4.5lb can, 6/case


Red Blast

KUT7707 - flat top gallon, 4/case

Solvent-free, heavy duty formula with plastice scrubbers. Removes tough grease and dirt. Mild to hands with a pleasant cherry fragrance.


Sensibly Clean Products

SCIHDSPFB44 - Pink Flamingo Lotion Hand Soap - An economy minded, lightly pearlized pink hand soap, pleasantly scented. - 4 litre jug

SCIHDSPAB44 - Aloe Vera anti-bacterial hand and body soap - a top of the line, mild soap with strong germ fighting ingredients. Antiseptic blue with a gently fragrance - 4 litres

Avmor Products

BIOCARE4 - protective hand cream

FORCE4 - Hand cleaner